Top 7 tips for staying healthy when traveling

Whether you are going on a vacation or a business trip, you should make sure that you stay healthy all the time. If you don’t, your trip will be ruined. You need to plan ahead and get everything ready so that you don’t get into an awkward situation. Here are some tips that will help you to stay healthy even when you are traveling.

Pack healthy snacks

You should pack lots of healthy snacks when you are traveling. All kinds of transportation allow dried food. There is a restriction in carrying liquid; you are only allowed to take 3.5 ounces. You can take dried fruits, nut mix, sandwich, fruits, vegetable slices, health food bar, protein powders, etc. Make sure you pack them well.

Buy them on the way

You can also buy healthy snacks at the airport or train station. If you are traveling by car and have hired a luxury ride from apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/united-arab-emirates/city-of-dubai/, you can stop by a superstore and buy it. Sandwiches, non-fat yogurt, nuts mix, salads, trail mixes, etc. are some of the things you can buy on the way.

Call the airline

In order to get a menu of your preference during the flight, you should call the airliner and let them know about your choice of meal. Most airlines will agree to give you vegetarian, low-fat, gluten-free food. If you do this, you won’t need to pack food from home.

Be mindful

You should be conscious of what you eat when traveling. When you go to restaurants, you should choose healthy food. Even when you have to eat on the road, choose healthy food.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water always. It is likely that you will be exhausted during the trip, especially during long flights. You need to stay hydrated all the time. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramp, headaches, fatigue, etc.

Take remedies

You should take necessary remedies for bug bites, ear aches, sunburns, etc. You should take medications for fever, cold and general infections too. Carrying hand sanitizer is a must when you are traveling.

Avoid stress

Try to avoid any stressful situations. If you plan properly then you will have less number of things to worry about. Try to book a hotel in advance so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding a hotel after you reach your destination. You can just head to your hotel room after landing.

You should learn about the places you wish to visit, like days of operation, ticket price, etc., especially if you plan to have a luxury experience, like get a Lamborghini when you visit Dubai. This way you won’t be disappointed and won’t have to change your plans. Always carry enough cash or credit cards with you. Try to get a good night’s sleep so that you are fully charged to move the next day.

It is very important to remain healthy when you go to a different place. Everything is new there and you need to adapt to the new surroundings. If you fall sick, there won’t be anyone to take care of you. Also, medical expenses abroad are very expensive. So, stay healthy all the time.

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5 tips for thriving during challenging times

Life is not always easy. You have to go through tough times. There will be an economic crisis, increasing living costs, lack of jobs, energy shortages, and lots more. People also have to deal with relationship difficulties, the death of a close family member, etc. You need to know how to cope up with these challenging situations. Here are some tips that can help you thrive during challenging times.

Accept the situation

No matter how bad the situation is, you should first accept it. Denying the fact that you are in such a situation will make it more difficult for you to come out of it. Once you accept it, you will then focus on how to make things better. You will start thinking positively and start taking actions.

Think about worse things

When you are in a difficult situation, you should think of how worse the situation could be. Then you will start feeling good. For example, if you are upset because you got a C in your exam, then imagine what it would be like if you failed. You can also think about others who are in a worse situation.

Be positive

You should always remain positive. The situation you are going through will be temporary. Better days will come. So, you should think about the future and stay positive. You should try to turn any negative situation into a positive one and think that whatever happens is for your good. You should release negativity when you are going through tough times.

Set up S.M.A.R.T goals

You should set a proper goal so that you can take actions to fulfill it. When a goal is set properly, you tell your subconscious mind where to go. Then things start to happen. Instead of thinking about the negative aspect, think about the positive things you can have in your life. S.M.A.R.T goals are those that are realistic, specific and attainable on time. If you have such a goal, you will get what you want in life.

Do counseling

Talking to someone can help. When you are in a bad situation, you should do counseling or talk to someone close to you. Share your feelings and clear up your mind. It will help you to be focused and think about your next steps of action.

We all go through difficult times. Some people can cope up easily and some cannot. These tips will help you to deal with the situation and think positively about life. No incident is permanent. Life is like a river and it will continue flowing. So, you should let go of what happened and think about how you can have a better life.

Infographic by: Tony Robbins

What to do in case your family is in an emergency situation?

Every day doesn’t run smoothly. There are some days when the world may seem upside down. Crisis moments come in everyone’s lives. You need to be strong and know how to deal with these emergency situations. When the world crumbles around you, it is necessary to ask for help. Here are some ways you can communicate about collapse with others so that help arrives in time.

1. You should have a designated place where your family members will meet in case you all split up in case of any disaster. Usually, it can be your house, but it can be somewhere else as well. If there is fire or earthquake, then it may not be possible to meet at the house. So, you should have a designated place outside your house as well where your families can join.

2. You must have the contact number and address of relatives who don’t leave near you. In case of an emergency situation like war or natural disaster, you can inform your relatives about your status. You should inform these relatives beforehand that you are going to use their number for communication.

3. Keep a notebook containing all the family members’ and friends’ contact details. You should distribute these details to your family members so that they can contact each other in case of emergencies. This way you won’t have to face a situation when you won’t remember any of your relative’s numbers to inform  about your whereabouts.

4. You should also have the contact information of people who are close to your family. In case you cannot communicate with your family members at the time of emergency situation, you can contact these other people and let them know that you are safe.

5. Carry long-range walkie-talkies for communicating with your family members in case you get separated. This should be part of your emergency kit. Radio is another thing you should carry all the time. In case of disaster like flood or hurricane, you may not move out from your shelter for days.

A radio will be very handy in this case. You will be able to get news updates and information about the weather. The radio can also help you to know the traffic situation.

6. In a crisis situation, the phone system is likely to be overloaded as everyone will be calling for getting help. So, you should text instead of calling.

These strategies will help you communicate about collapse or emergency situations with others, including your family members. You will be able to pull through the difficult situation and make sure that everyone in your family is all right.

How can you swim in consciousness?

You should lead your life meaningfully. You should have goals and you need to work hard to achieve it. Swimming in consciousness means living with an intention. You should lead a more conscious life. You should be conscious towards yourself, the environment, and the society. Your activities should not cause any harm to others. Here we are going to discuss some examples of how you can swim in consciousness.


People have more conscious about how they treat animals. There are some group of people who don’t want to think of animals as a commodity. Animals are slaughtered for food. This is creating an imbalance in the ecosystem as more animals are getting food. If you are conscious about protecting the environment and the animal life then you should become a vegan.

You should stop consuming animal meat. Some people take it even to a greater level by not consuming eggs and milk as well. Eating too much meat also causes heart disease and other health problems. So, you can lead a healthy life by being a vegan.

Protecting oceans

Ocean provides us with corals and fish breeding areas. Human activities are destroying the coral reefs and causing water pollution. The marine life is in threat because of industrial fishing. We should protect the ocean in order to restore the ecosystem.

The government, oil companies, tourism businesses and others should use specific protective measures to manage the marine areas. The ocean assets shouldn’t be degraded for generating income. These are valuable assets and these must be protected.

Reducing air pollution

Air pollution is causing health hazards. The air pollution is increasing because of more cars on the roads and industrial productions. We can use hybrid cars instead of the conventional car to lower carbon footprints. You can now find electric cars as a substitute.

You can use a bicycle instead of a car for commuting. You can also walk short distances instead of taking your car. All these steps will reduce air pollution.

Stop wasting energy

Our energy resources are limited. We should limit our consumption of energy. Many houses now have solar panels, double-glazed windows, etc. You can find energy saving appliances in the market too. You should keep your HVAC in good order so that there is no loss of energy. Whenever you are not in the room, you should switch off lights and air conditioner. Our conscious actions can help preserve energy.

Cut fewer trees

We are cutting trees to make roads or constructing houses. This is affecting the environment. Trees give us oxygen and let us lead a healthy life. When you cut off trees, the various species that live on trees are also destroyed. So, we should plan carefully and cut fewer trees.

We should save our earth from destruction due to human activities. We must act consciously and make sure that we don’t cause any harm to the environment or other people through our irrational and senseless acts.

Why should you backcast to the future?

People are now talking about backcasting to the future. It’s a topic of debate and reminds us of the movie ‘Back to the Future’. Backcasting is about crafting our long-term future by making specific choices now. We are very bad at predictions as we don’t give enough time to think about it. We should think of our desired future now and do what is necessary to achieve our future goals.

It is now used in urban planning. It tries to predict what the future we want and then take steps to materialize that vision. The same thing can be applied to your life. You should need to follow a strategy year after year so that your dream is achievable.

How can we control future?

It is a long-term debate that you can bend your fate to your will. There are many factors that determine what our future will be. It depends on our interests, fears, personality traits, how much fate we should take, etc. These traits are influenced by our youth, parents, and mentors.

Your actions now will have an effect on your future. If you plan from now on how to achieve your future goals, then you will be able to control the future outcome considerably.

Examples of backcasting

The most common example of backcasting is retirement savings. You should start saving for your retirement now so that you have enough money to survive your old ages. You need to make sure that you earn more dividend at the time when you will be earning less.

You should invest now in the dividends later. Same is true about your relationship with your children. If you can create a good bond with your children when they are young, they will take care of you when they grow up.

The New Yorkers and tourists enjoy the benefit of backcasting. The Central Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted to make a place that will be open for all to come and enjoy. For several decades now, the Central Park has been a major tourist attraction. People love spending time here. Olmsted planned his vision many years back when he designed the Central Park.

Backcasting can help you meet your personal milestones. It teaches you to work hard today for a better future. You must remember that shortcuts won’t work. It will come slowly through your hard work.

Backcasting can make you successful. You won’t regret the steps you have taken if you plan for your future. You should dream and take the necessary steps to achieve that dream. This way you will be able to control your life.