Bold Bets of Bitcoin

Legislative Speedcars and Scandals

Greetings! The ideas and information you will discover within the Steppin’ off the Edge (SotE) blog and podcast all support the belief that humanity can life in harmony with our habitat. The title is equal parts parody of Aerosmith’s song Livin’ on the Edge as it is statement about how we should go about achieving that goal.

  • Step off the edge forward in a bold new direction like open source technology.
  • Step off the edge back towards more practical scale solutions like reducing our use of plastic.
  • Which direction to step depends on the conversation in question


This riff off the introduction to Star Trek: The Next Generation offers a reasonable summary of the intended direction for Steppin’ off the Edge (SotE):

Set your metaphysical sail beyond the final frontier. Voyage towards islands of innovation rising up from the sea of capitalistic opportunism. Our continuing mission to explore the strange machinations that have shaped our reality. To seek out new philosophies that are sustainable across every aspect of life. To boldly connect with those who have a spirit of novelty and co-create something better than what has gone before.

If there is some form of content you think would fit well with this or a guest you would like us to interview for the podcast, drop us a line!

Not sure where to start?
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