Advertise with us

With more than 40,000 viewers every month, it’s a huge platform for advertising your travel related products or services. You will be able to reach a lot of prospective customers through your advertising messages. We offer the following advertising options for our clients.

Banner advertisement

We offer banner advertisements of different sizes. You can create very attractive banner advertisements using images and animations. The size of the banner ad depends on your budget. You can choose to place the ad on the top of the page or on the sidebars.

The advertisement will be displayed for a month. If you want, you can share your space with other advertisers also. It is a more economical option. Your advertisement will be rotated along with that of the others.

Sponsored reviews

If we think that your product or service is suitable for our readers, then we can write reviews about it. The readers will be motivated to try out your product or service after reading our positive reviews. We know what terms to use and how to highlight the product’s features so that it seems attractive to the readers.

Sponsored posts

We can write interesting posts related to your product. It won’t look like a direct promotional message but will be a very interesting article. We will include your website like in the article so that the readers are redirected to your site. You will have lots of traffic this way.

Social media advertising

We can place ads in our social media. As we have thousands of followers and fans on our social media places, it’s a great place to advertise your product or service.

Newsletter advertising

We send monthly newsletters to our customers. You can place an ad in our newsletter. The newsletter is viewed by thousands of readers, so it is likely that the readers will view your ad.

Our advertising rates are very competitive and the advertising spaces are very limited as well. If you want to book a space, please book in advance. For further inquiry, please contact us.