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Bold Bets of Bitcoin

SotE #0026 - Bold Bets of BitcoinBitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

It’s the next battleground to decentralize industries (banking) and methods of exchange (money) through technology. It’s also the topic of the final Step off the Edge for 2013 with Bryan Vu of Google. Step off the edge with us as we discuss the concepts of zero trust, protecting the network, what makes a money, how long should money last, do bugs in banking software cost you cash and the importance of democratizing banking.

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Legislative Speedcars and Scandals

SotE_0025_LegislativeSpeedcarScandals_medium “It proves very quickly that there was incidents of industrial-scale voter fraud that benefited the Conservatives and it puts that big question mark on that says that without that voter fraud we don’t know whether the Harper government would have won a majority. So we don’t know if they are legitimately holding office right now.” A succinct quote from Chriz Miller, Media Strategist & Campaign Manager, on why he has helped form The NoRobo Co. and launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness, judicial action and citizen engagement around the 2011 federal election robocall scandal. Your support to their campaign will help finish their Fraud Atlas and all the programming, design, and a small army of researchers and data entry people that it takes to create the definitive source for this info on the whole internet! Chriz steps off the edge with me to discuss this issue and many of the fundamental concepts around why such political scandals are far too common and what we can/should be doing to try and improve things.

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Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience is a key missing ingredient of todays democracy. Hoaxes are just one of many, many, many things you can do creatively to get things changing. To bring attention to issues so that people are mobilized and galvanized to take action!

Andy Bichlbaum, who along with Mike Bonanno forms the wonderful creative activist duo commonly known as The Yes Men, steps off the edge to discuss the importance of civil disobedience, the challenges with aligning profit and public good in the current model of capitalism and why The Yes Men Are Revolting and how you can help!

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TED Timeout: Open Sourcery

This “TED Timeout” episode features two great TED talks exploring taking the concepts of open source beyond the world of software and websites. Exploring how it could help to re-imagine the institutions and process of government with a model that allows everyone read access and a truly collaborative approach to policy development. Why is there no interview this month? Fall on a farm is a busy time of year because, as always, winter is coming.

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Internet Immune System

Lindsey Pinto is the Communications Manager of OpenMedia, a grassroots organization that safeguards the possibilities of the open Internet. Just like your immune system protects your internal organs and body systems against viruses and other disease which can harm your ability to function, Open Media wants to build citizen awareness and engagement to advance informed and participatory digital policy in Canada. She steps off the edge with me to discuss the history and funding of Open Media, the impacts of a consolidated media landscape, trade policy secrecy and the TPP (HINT: IT’S A TRAP!) and the spectrum between privacy and transparency.

July 2012 - Podcast    2 Comments

Delivering Happiness

Jenn Lim is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, a company that she and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) co-created in 2010 to inspire happiness in work, community and everyday life. She steps off the edge with me to discuss understanding how to be happy, the scientific measurements of happiness, how you can nudge the world towards happiness and much, much more. It’s a bucket full of happiness this episode, but remember. “It’s more of a question of can you get to that point where knowing that there are going to be lifes’ natural ups and downs that you can still maintain that state because you are in that frame of mind where you do know you have a higher purpose, you are interacting with other people, where you are sharing your resources and doing something outside of yourself” Come on, get happy!

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Civic Innovation and Government Geeks

Did you know there is a peace corps for geeks who want to help code a better government? The Director of Communications for Code For America, Abhi Nemani, steps off the edge with me to discuss how they are trying to engage citizens to show what is possible with technology and the many ways that government can be considered a platform for people to help themselves and help others. “I think as citizens we have to start thinking about government not just as this institution that I give money to but as this institution that’s a part of civic life that I am a part of and I need to have a deeper relationship with. Governments are getting it and they love it. They see that things are changing and they want to change with them. They just need the tools to do it.”

May 2012 - Podcast    6 Comments

The Sharenomics Buffet

“Couchsurfing isn’t just about a free place to stay. Even beyond cultural exchange, Couchsurfing is about making our dreams possible.” Gabriel Stempinski (@wewereborntorun), Alexandra Liss (@onecouchatatime) and Chelsea Rustrum (@mktgchelsea) are all passionate about the concept and community of couchsurfing as well as lots of other digital services in the larger universe of sharing. This summer they are releasing a documentary – One Couch At A Time – about couchsurfing and a book – It’s A Shareable Life – all about how to survive and thrive in the sharing economy. They step off the edge with me to discuss social networks where you’re actually social, accountability through lack of anonymity, how to leverage underutilized space and things, many terrific tales of task rabbits and much, much more. They are humbly asking / suggesting that, “No matter who you are this can seriously benefit you, your family, your friends, your community and this can really improve your life. In a tangible level, not just some theoretical hippie feel good level. In a tangible, dollars and sense real level this can benefit your life as well as the feel good benefits. Take whatever you want from the buffet, we’re just asking that you get in line!”

April 2012 - Podcast    1 Comment

Re-imagining Tribe

This episode picks up on the Burning State of Mind of the last podcast with 3 pieces of media recorded during the Burning Man Regional Leadership Summit. Together they give a strong sense of the commitment that the folks at BMHQ have towards the long-term success of the experience. They are always thinking of the community first and often working at a level far above what most of us can imagine that it will take to ensure that success. One potential title for this podcast episode I considered was “Burning Man grows up” for all the conversations had during the Summit around what we all can / need to do to share the transformative experience with the wider world. As Marian Goodell says during her speech you are about to hear, “We are unique, and of consequence in the world.”

March 2012 - Podcast    2 Comments

Black Rock City Source Code

It is a short but sweet episode this month as at the end of this month I am heading to San Francisco to join other regional coordinators and like-minded artists for what is boldly titled a Burning Man Regional Summit. The event has been summarized by one person as “a golden opportunity to meet the people that are truly shaping this year-round global culture from the ground up. There will be extremely rich content, thought-provoking conversations, and many opportunities for you to see YOURSELF in the larger context of the Burning Man Project and the future of our global culture.”

If you are in the Bay area and/or know someone who is that you think would also make a great interview for this podcast, drop me a line. With the Burning Man summit top of mind for me of late I figured it was a good chance to bring in a few choice bits of media that relate to it into the podcast, all of which come from videos either recorded AT Black Rock City or featuring lots of visuals FROM Black Rock City.