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AstroBarry Perlman steps off the edge with me to discuss his lifes’ passion: Astrology

It is a craft, a mystical craft at the center of which is a beautiful mystery which nobody has yet been able to confidently say how it works despite thousands of years of history of people getting similar results and sharing each others experiences and research to build up a codified body of knowledge.

We discuss the history of astrology, the interplay between science and astrology which some scientists have characterized as a pseudo-science despite having very similar origins to their profession, where the planets are now and what the coming alignments might mean for humanity as a group consciousness. There’s some surprising parallels to be drawn back to the revolutionary energies of the 1960’s and 1780’s that suggest we are living in interesting times indeed.

This episode more or less concludes my first year of podcasting and its’ been a pretty fun opportunity to share with you all so far. It is also the first step off the edge to explore the last philosophical pillar I had in mind for the podcast in spirituality. The type of things which can cause very rational people have very knee-jerk irrational reactions to label and discredit something they know very little about. Such topics require a little faith to accept what your our senses cannot prove right or wrong but your heart tell you just feels right.

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1 Comment

  • Thank you for this! Don’t know if it’s that mercury is retrograde but around 23 (ish) minutes the recording gets garbled. It’s exactly when Astrobarry is talking about mercury too. There’s some serendipity…

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