Why should you backcast to the future?

People are now talking about backcasting to the future. It’s a topic of debate and reminds us of the movie ‘Back to the Future’. Backcasting is about crafting our long-term future by making specific choices now. We are very bad at predictions as we don’t give enough time to think about it. We should think of our desired future now and do what is necessary to achieve our future goals.

It is now used in urban planning. It tries to predict what the future we want and then take steps to materialize that vision. The same thing can be applied to your life. You should need to follow a strategy year after year so that your dream is achievable.

How can we control future?

It is a long-term debate that you can bend your fate to your will. There are many factors that determine what our future will be. It depends on our interests, fears, personality traits, how much fate we should take, etc. These traits are influenced by our youth, parents, and mentors.

Your actions now will have an effect on your future. If you plan from now on how to achieve your future goals, then you will be able to control the future outcome considerably.

Examples of backcasting

The most common example of backcasting is retirement savings. You should start saving for your retirement now so that you have enough money to survive your old ages. You need to make sure that you earn more dividend at the time when you will be earning less.

You should invest now in the dividends later. Same is true about your relationship with your children. If you can create a good bond with your children when they are young, they will take care of you when they grow up.

The New Yorkers and tourists enjoy the benefit of backcasting. The Central Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted to make a place that will be open for all to come and enjoy. For several decades now, the Central Park has been a major tourist attraction. People love spending time here. Olmsted planned his vision many years back when he designed the Central Park.

Backcasting can help you meet your personal milestones. It teaches you to work hard today for a better future. You must remember that shortcuts won’t work. It will come slowly through your hard work.

Backcasting can make you successful. You won’t regret the steps you have taken if you plan for your future. You should dream and take the necessary steps to achieve that dream. This way you will be able to control your life.