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Coherent Communications About Collapse

The C-Realm podcast and Extraenvironmentalist are two of the preeminent podcasts available today. Their hosts, KMO and Justin Ritchie, step off the edge with me for a 3-way conversation about podcasting and the common narrative of collapse. Though it may not be a career path to most, podcasting can be a great way to build community and further the conversation about topics of interest. We move quickly into a wide-ranging conversation focused around the idea of collapse; an idea that KMO says he doesn’t believe any of, but takes very seriously. We explore what a hypothalamus reaction to Rush Limbaugh sounds like, kvetching inside Karl Rove’s big tent, voluntary peasantry, appropriately scaled living, de-growth and many more interesting items.

Show Notes

  • Twitter: @kayemmo and @xenvironmental or @jritch
  • KMO’s Conversations on Collapse book of C-Realm Podcast Transcripts
  • How / why each of us started podcasting and some of the benefits experienced as a result. Podcasting has had an immense impact, almost immeasurable, on KMO’s life, “Primarily it’s the high-quality people that I am in regular contact with now because of the podcast”
  • Thrive
  • Charles Eisenstein – past guest of SotE, Extraenvironmentalists and C-Realm (Repeat Guest)
  • Podcasting is a great feedback mechanism. It improves your listening and speaking skills, helps you get a more intimate understanding of topics covered and that all translate into better communication skills in other areas. While anyone can podcast, you have to be able to deal with and edit the sound of your own voice a fair bit.
  • Academia is supposed to be a similar institution – about communicating ideas and the community surrounding their exchange / evolution.
  • The importance of rhetoric of collapse and having exact / shared understanding of the definitions of that term. Framing collapse in context of narratives people are already familiar with helps it make more sense. Example: Environmentalism.
  • How (or can) podcasting or in-depth / long-form discussion replace the 30-second sound bite world of mainstream media?
  • Extraenvironmentalist is now being aired on 2 student radio stations which is increasing its’ reach and discussion around the topics not well covered on mainstream media.
  • Goals and success metrics for podcasting
  • Who is Seth Moser-Katz Dad and why is he important?
  • KMO does his best John Michael Greer impersonation
  • KMO: “The more people we can get talking about these issues in different ways using slightly different vocabularies, slightly different cultural touchstones and idioms, the more people we can get on board.”
  • Naomi Wolf article – The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy
  • 60 Minutes: Congressional Insider Trading
  • C-Realm #280: OWS – The Spark 
  • Rush Limbaugh and the idea of culture wars
  • David Brin and the worst habits of the left
  • Thanks to the industrial revolution, advertisers and corporations are able to market the ability to personalize / personify yourself through purchases. It is a communications challenge to be able to easily articulate an individuals nuanced philosophical position by comparison.
  • The effectiveness of packaging american culture for world consumption including Lady Gaga in Crete, Christmas KFC in Japan.
  • The extraenvironmental perspective on Time Magazine covers around the world
  • Voluntary peasantry and appropriately scaled living
  • UBC Sustainability funds helping to make the world a better place a dollar / student at a time
  • Energy Bulletin: The Great Reskilling 
  • Degrowth and one earth living
  • Justin writes occasionally for The Tyee.
  • Justin’s mom writes about her goats on Happy Hollow Farm/.



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