How can you swim in consciousness?

You should lead your life meaningfully. You should have goals and you need to work hard to achieve it. Swimming in consciousness means living with an intention. You should lead a more conscious life. You should be conscious towards yourself, the environment, and the society. Your activities should not cause any harm to others. Here we are going to discuss some examples of how you can swim in consciousness.


People have more conscious about how they treat animals. There are some group of people who don’t want to think of animals as a commodity. Animals are slaughtered for food. This is creating an imbalance in the ecosystem as more animals are getting food. If you are conscious about protecting the environment and the animal life then you should become a vegan.

You should stop consuming animal meat. Some people take it even to a greater level by not consuming eggs and milk as well. Eating too much meat also causes heart disease and other health problems. So, you can lead a healthy life by being a vegan.

Protecting oceans

Ocean provides us with corals and fish breeding areas. Human activities are destroying the coral reefs and causing water pollution. The marine life is in threat because of industrial fishing. We should protect the ocean in order to restore the ecosystem.

The government, oil companies, tourism businesses and others should use specific protective measures to manage the marine areas. The ocean assets shouldn’t be degraded for generating income. These are valuable assets and these must be protected.

Reducing air pollution

Air pollution is causing health hazards. The air pollution is increasing because of more cars on the roads and industrial productions. We can use hybrid cars instead of the conventional car to lower carbon footprints. You can now find electric cars as a substitute.

You can use a bicycle instead of a car for commuting. You can also walk short distances instead of taking your car. All these steps will reduce air pollution.

Stop wasting energy

Our energy resources are limited. We should limit our consumption of energy. Many houses now have solar panels, double-glazed windows, etc. You can find energy saving appliances in the market too. You should keep your HVAC in good order so that there is no loss of energy. Whenever you are not in the room, you should switch off lights and air conditioner. Our conscious actions can help preserve energy.

Cut fewer trees

We are cutting trees to make roads or constructing houses. This is affecting the environment. Trees give us oxygen and let us lead a healthy life. When you cut off trees, the various species that live on trees are also destroyed. So, we should plan carefully and cut fewer trees.

We should save our earth from destruction due to human activities. We must act consciously and make sure that we don’t cause any harm to the environment or other people through our irrational and senseless acts.