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Swimming In Consciousness

Neil Kramer is an English writer and philosopher specializing in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, shamanism, and ancient mystical disciplines. He steps off the edge in a wonderful wide-ranging interview exploring such mindful topics as:

  • What is syncromysticism and how does science view it compared to astrology?
    “The art of it is tracking relationships to see what it tells you about the universe and about yourself”
  • Is consciousness more than the reducible deterministic events of biochemistry?
  • Mind as a non-local awareness transceiver
  • What are consensus reality tunnels and who is creating yours?
  • Creativity and how we tap into something higher than ourselves
  • The electric chair of truth?
  • ‘As above, So below’ or ‘As within, So without’; the inseparability of imagination from reality
  • “What is put forth as reality is such a paltry, pathetic sliver of existence that it is a disgrace really that people accept that as the whole thing”
  • Earths’ stalled process of ascension and the majesty of what is possible
  • Refusing to live in-authentically – aka letting the universe see you
  • Understanding the construct and why we get a Deep Joy from De-Normalizing
  • How powerful conscious individuals can shape reality
  • Reading is hard? Not Neils essays: The Path of One and So What?
  • How to expand your capabilities to build a more harmonious environment where everyone prospers instead of the few?

The episode title comes from a riff off a Terrence McKenna quote that compares humans to fishes – only one of which is seemingly aware of the environment in which they exist (Check out The World and it’s Double in The Salon #295 and #296). Our conversation generally stepped off the edge towards the phiosophic side of the spectrum. To offer somewhat of a counterpoint to those moments where we were ragging on science for its’ inability to map the various complexities of consciousness, I wrap up the episode with some consciousness-related concepts from the history of scientific study in Larry Lowe’s great article Apollo 14 plus 41: The unexpected benefit of Edgar Mitchell and the preface from a book that has something of a syncromystic connection for Neil and I: An Experiment with Time by J.W. Dunne.



  • Such a joy to listen to! A very smooth interview and as always, Neil inspires, affirms and confirms me.

  • The aggressive introduction is painful to listen to. You have a voice that is pleasing to the ear. Why torment us with this comic style intro. It trivializes an otherwise profound discussion. Why have us wait through an intro at all?Also, can you change it so one can advance the tape?

    Your ideas glitter and sparkle on the net horizon. Thank you for that.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Harrison.

      I agree the music intro isn’t yet an audio masterpiece, but has improved with each iteration if you listen back through the archives; the lyrics do speak to the better possible world I’m trying to help create and like having something there to “kick off the episode”

      As for advancing the tape – if you download the mp3 or use iTunes you can scroll to hearts content. If streaming, pause it for a min before you play and should be able to scroll past the intro atleast. I haven’t yet found a way to put chapter markers in that works for all systems, though would love to get to the point where show notes and time markers could match up.

      Glad you enjoy it and looking forward to having more ideas sparkling across the net soon.

  • A pleasure to listen to. Lucid , fluid and as usual Neil Kramer is the perfect guide through the esoteric and this time more of his personal world and recent trials with the wilds which strengthens his delivery and resonates with my own current situation – 3 days with ice frozen pipes in an English forest and now contemplating a hotel stay until they thaw out. Sync.Many thanks for the show Jamie.

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